As you are just now beginning your spring practices, I wanted to send this email out to the group to remind everyone about the private lessons at the facility.  We have 4 excellent coaches available for private lessons at the moment:

Jake Johansen – 11U Coach

Taylor Gambill – 14U Coach

Ryan Angus – 14U Coach

Daniel Brown – currently in the Milwaukee Brewer minor league system.  Daniel is only here for the next couple of weeks before he leaves to start spring training.

From 7U all the way to 14U, private lessons can play a critical role in player development.  It is difficult to focus team practice time on helping you improve in certain areas of the game.  If you are struggling to use your legs in your swing, properly approach a groundball or flyball, flying open on your front side on the mound, or whatever the specific individual issue, private lessons are the time to cure deficiencies and make the leap at your age level.  We are doing what we can in the group setting skills classes to teach proper technique, but there is not enough time to go around to every player and make corrections.  You will be amazed at the improvement just a couple of lessons can provide.  And after a few weeks into the season, you will be able to tell who is working on their skills on their own in lessons and who is not.

It is not an absolute requirement to take private lessons, but if you have holes in your game and you are not doing anything to correct the issue, your peers will pass you by faster than you think.  So, if you need some individual help, the guys above are here to provide it.  Their schedule availability and links to book lessons are available on the Cannons website.

Let me know if you have any issues or difficulty booking a lesson if you want one.

It’s time to get to work boys!