About us

About Texas Cannons Baseball



Provide long term competitive baseball and personal development for athletes of all ages, abilities, and skill levels.

Texas Cannons Baseball Philosophy

We strive to inspire and enable our players to achieve excellence in the sport of baseball and in life.

We are committed to sharing the values of our sport and engage young people in healthy activity.

We seek to continue our tradition of excellence so that each athlete can fulfill their dreams, whether that is learning to play the game, playing in college or beyond.

Coaches’ Statement

Our mission as coaches is to develop your true potential in life. We promise to have an open-door policy and be available to you to talk about your needs and dreams. Our goal is to encourage athletic skills through individualized instruction, strengthen inner core values and principles, encourage abilities in leadership, fair play and team work, and provide a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.

After years of playing competitive baseball, our coaches have integral knowledge about baseball and use a wide variety of techniques. We encourage our players to participate in other sports like our coaches did.  It is a great way to cross train and enables them to build other skills for lifelong use. After all, our players are kids and should have a chance to be one.

We feel we must build not only a well-rounded baseball player, but a well-rounded person. As a staff, we constantly work with players to develop individual and team goals, exhibit sportsmanship, and create a positive environment which encourages growth in life skills. We also teach the importance of citizenship thru our teams volunteering in the communities they live and play in.

Baseball is not just something you experience as a child. What we teach at Texas Cannons changes lives.

Program Goals

  1. Build each player’s self-esteem and confidence, both on and off the field.
  2. Provide players with skills to become community leaders.
  3. Promote regular physical activity, values and sportsmanship to create a well- rounded individual.
  4. Teach players the importance that goals can only be achieved by hard work, dedication and persistence.
  5. Create a stimulating baseball community where players become better players.