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Attack the workout. It will not be a walk in the park, but this is not boot camp. You will learn recovery, diet guidelines, correct technique, ways to improve on your own time, and how to approach the workout AND the game mentally. We are not bodybuilders, we are athletes and I will make sure you know why we do each workout and how it translates. After 5 years of collegiate baseball at the junior college, D2, and D1 level, I have been a part of many programs and have gotten a very good idea of what these college coaches will expect and also what the high school coaches will be looking for as well. I appreciate your interest in the program and by working together, we will stay one step ahead of your competition. Welcome to Cannons Elite Training Program.

Key Points:

● Working to lengthen the muscles while using type II muscle fiber

● Every workout is different in order to achieve muscle adaptation

● Will be working various planes of motion to prevent muscle imbalances

● Will be using eccentric, concentric, and isometric movements to achieve stability and faster results